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This is probably my last Deviant Art update.  I hate the internet, social networking sites, etc. so this doesn't really interest me anymore. I'll still use it to upload "art," but don't expect any sort of journal entries from now on, that's for sure.


Cynical much?
  • Listening to: SILENCE
  • Reading: BOOKS
  • Watching: TV
  • Playing: GAMES
  • Eating: FOODS
  • Drinking: LIQUIDS
More than a year, w00t.  Came back to upload a new joke pic.  Also updated the ol' profile a bit.  Enjoy.
because I'll probably never update this journal again, just go to if you care about what I have to say.
I got halo 2, still playing it.  Goodbye.
till you know what.  Don't expect me to come back for like a year after that.  And if anyone is interested (and it would just make my day if someone actually did this) my xbox live account is AfroRyan.  Add me if you wish.  Only one more hit till 100 page views! (I already have art for it, as well as a seperate, unrelated pic).
is a rockin' guitar player, and always has been, but when I heard he was not only making it onto the halo 2 "inspired" soundtrack, but actually playing in the game, I nearly crapped myself.  Go to…
and check it out, it's awesome.  O, and once I hit 100 views, expect some stupid peice of art, just for the heck of it:).
rocks, 'nuff said.
well, now I'm at school...doing nothing.  Just thought I'd let everyone know (and by everyone, I mean a random person who accidently stumbles in on this poor excuse for a deviant art account).  Have a great day:D.
I've decided that to succeed in life, one must have a certain amount of motavation or incentive in life...being that I'm fresh out of both, I'm having a REAL hard time on concentrating on anything even remotly productive.  In fact, I'm not even sure why I'm posting about it here...but then again, it's a journal, so who cares.  So, I've gotten to the point that I absolutly 100% don't care about school at all, which is a slight problem being that all the classes I'm taking involve work; for instance, I really should be getting my AP Biology homework done...but hey, it's labor day, right?  The only thing I can even get myself interested in is computers, which is a good thing I guess.  I'm on my third semestar of CISCO, I'm privatly learning advanced QBASIC (sounds like an oxymoron, doesn't it?), and I'm still working for my school district as a computer tech assistant (which has all sorts of perks, as well as practical experience).  All in all though, I guess I'm happy with my life at the moment, although I'm feeling somewhat melancholy at this particular moment in time.  O, and I managed to get all three marathons to work on my XP machine, which is nice (aww, the wonders of emulation).

p.s. I'm STILL waiting for November 9th, and if you don't know what I mean by that, you really shouldn't be here in MY gallery, being that its all game related...
I GOTS ME ONE OF THE LAST 40 BUNGIE MAC ACTION SACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HORRAY:D!!! Keep an eye out for some classic bungie art in the near future;). And by near future, I mean between 1 day and 30 years :).
It's-a-me, AfroRyan. I like videogames...and computers...not really into art (I mean, I can't draw), but all this stuff at deviant rocks! I have an afro...hence the name. I'm 6'6" and about 225 lbs. I mainly do humerous (at least...I like to think they're humerous) t-shirt designs involving classic videogames that have faded into obscurity, so if you can consider that art, I'm an artist, if you don't, then I'm an idiot. OH, and I'm a white guy, so it's a bit overwhelming to see a 6'6" white guy with an additional 6" fro on top. It's natural too, no perm. All I gotta do is pick it out. So, that's a little about me. Don't expect me to update any deviants or journal entries all that often. I'll do it at my own pace. Cya.